FORMAL EDUCATION PROGRAM: The program was designed to give students an in-depth understanding of international business practices, and relevant technologies. Students must keep themselves abreast of new developments and rapid changes in the international business arena. All these must be complemented by knowledge of cultural complexities, ethical standards, and language.

ACADEMIC COOPERATION: To enhance academic cooperation and shared resources among institutions of international standards, the Program has fostered close relationships with universities, academic and research institutions in different regions. Students will benefit from choices of international student exchange programs, internships and field trips. The experience in observing different business concepts in different cultural settings will enable graduates to withstand the increasing complexity of the global business environment.

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION: To complete the Program’s curriculum, students will also enjoy contributions in various forms from multinational companies, international chambers of commerce and local governments. Graduates will develop an understanding of the nature and importance of the relationship between private and public organizations.All Classes will be conducted in modern classroom facilities with the occasional use of innovative training rooms, i.e., management cockpit, financial lab, and business operation center.

There will be a compulsory trip to a foreign location to further enhance the students’ experiences in international business.

The MM curriculum comprises 36 credits which take approximately 2 years, including the summer semester, in order to complete the study program.

Course curriculum

Plan A Plan B
Required courses 21 Credits Required courses 21 Credits
Elective courses 3 Credits Elective courses 12 Credits
Thesis 12 Credits Independent Study 3 Credits
Total 36 Credits Total 36 Credits

Foundation Courses (non-business students)

Management Theories
Accounting for Business Decisions
International Financial Decisions and Management
Economics for Business Management
Marketing Management

Required Courses*

2602661 International Business Management
2602665 Strategy and Policy in International Business
2602711 Foreign Market Entry Strategy
2602712 International Legal Environments
2602713 Seminar in International Business Management
2602714 International Logistics
2602715 Comparative Management and Cross-Cultural Behavior
2602700 Independent Study (for Plan B)
2602811 Thesis (for Plan A)

Elective Courses*

2602601 Electronic Commerce and Digital Enterprise
2602680 Business Research **
2602716 Negotiation for International Business
2602725 International Entrepreneurship
2602726 Business Strategies in Foreign Market
2602727 Contemporary Issues in International Business Management
2602728 Resources Management for International Business Management
2602729 Business Environment in Greater China
2602730 Business Strategy in Greater China

* Each course is 3 credit- hours, except for Thesis

** Compulsory course for Plan A

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